About Me

Hi, my name is Kori Arnold, I am 11 and have my own photography business, yes you heard right, 11 and own business... You might know me, but you might not, so here are some things about me :)
  • My name is Kori.. Okay, so you know that
  • I am 11.. Yes you know that too...
  • I own a.. Oh dear let's start over...
  • I love Jesus
  • I love Music..
  • I love photography
  • I love my family 
  • I love sparkles and glitter
  • I am a Canon camera lover... Oh yeah!
  • I love all things Vintage and Retro 
  • I am learning how to play Bass and Banjo
  • I like cats better than dogs.. :O
  • I am homeschooled... Yeah baby!!
  • I love babies... 
  • I love to bake and cook
  • I am always happy... Well, we all have our moments
  • I love pink
  • I want to be a blogger, studio photographer, and a mommy
  • I love my life!:)
Well  now you have found some things out about me.. Okay, sorta alot.. :)               

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